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Mind Charades

As I sit here, on Carriacou, a month after turning 65 – my mind struggles to become peaceful… surrounded by such beauty, I desire wings – to soar into the calm and color of the skies… and cast off the sorrows I’ve gathered… 

My mind and memories are becoming more jumbled as I age – closer to the end, than the beginning… I can no longer consistently access the right words, at times, for what I am trying to say. Thank goodness John helps me turn that into a game – I ask for something, or am speaking of a certain thing – the right words no longer always comes to mind. What comes out of my mouth is either the exact opposite or something that sounds familiar. “Avocado, avocado, avocado Damn it – I Mean Artichoke”…😖 So John guesses or says “sounds like” and I am finally able to get my thoughts across. It’s charades of the mind! We laugh…. I’m a bit concerned, but really, what can I do?

I can not remember plot lines from movies, books I’ve read – so each seems new again to me… actors names, for god sakes, people’s names are so hard to recall. There are exceptions to all of this, please don’t think my mind is blank now – it’s not! I am quite clear on who was elected… where I am and most of what has happened in my life recently. The past is jumbled and I can’t tell you what year I’ve done what for the most part. Signing my photography with a date has really helped! I must rely on a calendar to know the date/day – especially here – where what day it is doesn’t really matter!

Thinking of Miss Ruby, however, has not gotten any easier…


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